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"In the pivotal year of 2020, God's Holy Spirit spoke directly to John, igniting the inception of the Gospel Equipping Ministry (GEM). This divine mandate, firmly grounded in the Word of God, was singular in purpose: to ready the Church for the imminent end times harvest. This sacred endeavor profoundly embodies the Father's heart, devoted to nurturing and empowering individuals within the Body of Christ."

It is observed that members of the Body of Christ often face certain challenges:​​

  • Lack of Theological and Spiritual Empowerment for Ministry: Many individuals may not have received the necessary theological and spiritual training to effectively engage in ministry.

  • Lack of Doctrinal Soundness and Scriptural Coherence: Some may struggle with a clear understanding of Christian doctrine and may find it challenging to connect and apply scriptures in a cohesive manner.

  • Uncertainty Regarding Christian Purpose and Calling: There may be a lack of clarity and confidence concerning one's specific purpose and calling within the Christian faith.

  • Absence of Firm Foundations in Christian Ministry: Some individuals may not have had solid foundations established in Christian ministry practices.

  • The Lack of Time and Commitment for Ministry: Due to the water down effect of the Biblical concept of calling and purpose  of individuals in Body of Christ.

The Gospel Equipping Ministry seeks to address these issues by providing the essential teaching, tools, education, practical training and support needed to equip members of the Body of Christ for effective ministry. Through theological education, doctrinal instruction, and guidance in discerning one's purpose, GEM aims to strengthen the foundations of Christian ministry, enabling individuals to serve with confidence and coherence in accordance with their calling."

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