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Diverse Backgrounds, but with a Heart & call to Empower Believers for Ministry 

John Tristram


John has played an integral role with a vast experience spanning 22+ years across IT, NGOs, and ministries. His impressive track record includes conducting over 2500+ Teaching Sessions and spearheading pioneering outreach programs like Living Free and Overcomers. Notably, these initiatives have touched the lives of more than 10,000 individuals in the past decade. He also produces biblical teaching content, media and is involved in research, strategic ministry P&E. His contribution extends to serving on the Boards of Educational Society, Trusts, and NGOs.

John Victor


Serving God for 20+ years, His mandate and passion is to see God's presence become real in people's lives. John is a Preacher, Worship Leader, and Song Composer.

Michael Fernandez


An unschooled fisherman with 22+ years of experience. A servant leader with passion for serving God and His people,

Nalini Tristram


Nalini is a Sr. Advocate with over 12 years of Legal Professional versatile expertise on laws related to women and children for nearly a decade. Her experience comes from the grassroots implementation of the law through NGOs, working along with the Government agencies to implement regulations as also with judicial, quasi-judicial and law enforcement personnel. She has rich experience in researching, analyzing, and critiquing law and policies and providing recommendations for reformative changes in the legislation. She has been involved in Ministry discipling women, and a burden for interession and prayer.

Wesley Newton


Wesley is a professional drummer and music educator with over 12 years of teaching experience,  and 25 years of playing experience.  He currently serves as the worship team co-ordinator at Adonai Church, and is a part of the church's prophetic team too. His heart is to be a carrier of the loving voice of the heavenly Father through the prophetic ministry.



Mathews has a vast experience from being the VP & GM for Hotel Group in Australia! to the Elder at Church in Busselton, Western Australia!



Sunil has over 8 years of experience in the IT Support domain (Lead onboarding and solutions specialist). Also serving in different coordinating capacities in the Church.

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